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Albert’s Story

Hear the story of Albert, a little boy who was living alone on the streets of Benin after losing his parents, and the incredible transformation that has taken place since we have placed him in an Orphan Relief and Rescue Foster Home. Note: Albert’s name has been changed to protect his privacy and identity.


Viviane’s Story

When I was 15, my father accepted a marriage offer from a much older man that was visiting our village. I was immediately married, and left my home to be his wife. When I arrived at his home, I found an unpleasant surprise: that there were 8 other women who already lived there. My new husband was not kind to …


Teddy: Bright Future Ahead

When I was eight years old, I was homeless on the streets of Monrovia, Liberia. My parents were killed during the 14-year civil war. I remember a childhood of incredible suffering and constant hunger. I slept under street market tables at night and dodging bullets by day. Those memories are not easy for me to talk about. Because of the …


Jestina: Overcomer

When I was a very little girl, civil war raged around my home in Liberia. My parents were killed in the war, leaving my brother and I orphaned and alone. I remember the day we were found and rescued by a new momma who took us into her home, as her own children. Our new momma had such a heart …


Sylvester’s Rescue Mission

Abandoned by his mother, beaten by many in his community, left to fend for himself in the garbage piles– this is Sylvester’s story. Sylvester is maybe seven years old, very small, developmentally delayed, non-verbal, not potty trained and suffers from seizures. The popular Liberian belief is that he is ‘not correct in his mind,’ and thus less than human, not …


Poem by Mary Fiona Rudolph

I sit and wait a lot. Will I ever be remembered or always be forgot. My face lights up to the sound of a voice; the others say I have no choice. All I want is to be held in loving warm arms. I try to work some baby charms, but nobody listens, nobody cares, nobody helps, nobody shares. Will …


Emma: Every life Matters

Captivated by her bright smile, I asked Emma, “Why do you love living in your new big home?” “Because no one beats me and because I have plenty of food to eat everyday,” she replied. “Emma, can you tell me how your life was in the village and who beat you?” I asked, knowing the woman and man she lived …