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Unexpected Encounters

By Rebecca Pratt, President & Co-Founder While in Liberia this last month, a 22 year old single mom with a four month old baby girl showed up at our office door.  She asked me to please take her baby because her breast milk was all dried up, due to a lack of money to buy food for herself. She said …

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Child Development: Strong Bodies, Minds, and Hearts

By Deb Dezutter Two small groups of children gather around open Bibles, their hands are up and ready to go when the next scripture is called. Crowded around them, their friends are cheering them on. The girls are winning and this is the last round. As the next verse is called chaos ensues—paper shuffling, giggling, dust flying. A boy jumps …


Mary: Mother to Many

By Deb Dezutter It was a hot, sticky day, just before Christmas last year. Children were running around, screams of delight could be heard—sounds of celebration. Our staff had just made the much-anticipated Christmas bundle delivery. I sat back a little from the group taking it all in, which is when I saw Ma Mary. She had been given a …

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Albert’s Story

Hear the story of Albert, a little boy who was living alone on the streets of Benin after losing his parents, and the incredible transformation that has taken place since we have placed him in an Orphan Relief and Rescue Foster Home. Note: Albert’s name has been changed to protect his privacy and identity.

Small Beginnings

Small Beginnings

By Stefan Lako, Programs Director Few things start off big. Most often something begins small and experiences growth throughout a gradual process. The process is often slow, painful, unpredictable, yet beautifully unique. The air was hot and my shirt stuck to my back as we walked down the dirt road through a village. I was visiting Benin as a part …

Holding a Starving Baby Girl

Radical Transformations

By Rebecca Pratt, President and Co-Founder Holding a starving baby girl weighing only 4.4 lbs as a five month old was heart wrenching. As I held this little one, named Lucresse, in my arms she was panting fast and quick shallow breaths as if at any minute she would take her last. I honestly did not know what to do. I …

A Joyful Noise Brass Band

A Joyful Noise

By Debbie Dezutter, Liberia Field Team Coordinator Life is getting even more musical at one of our orphanage homes in Liberia! The children at this orphanage in particular have always loved singing and dancing, they have both a choir and cultural dance troop that perform often! Not only do they love the musical arts but they are also very talented …

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A Small Business Can Change Everything

Written by Debbie Dezutter, Field Team Coordinator In Liberia, one of the only ways to generate an income to support a family is running a small business. Many people open a small booth on the road outside their home, selling small items such a crackers, canned milk, juice, homemade plantain chips, or cold water. As you can imagine this is …

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Hope After Ebola

The Ebola crisis in Liberia has nearly subsided completely, but the last year and a half has been devastating to the country. Just over 4,800 succumbed to the disease, and as a result, there are now over 4,000 children left orphaned. The vast majority of these children have been placed with extended family so that they did not end up …