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Unexpected Encounters

By Rebecca Pratt, President & Co-Founder While in Liberia this last month, a 22 year old single mom with a four month old baby girl showed up at our office door.  She asked me to please take her baby because her breast milk was all dried up, due to a lack of money to buy food for herself. She said …

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Looking Beyond Ourselves

Children learn more from what you are, then what you teach. W.E.B. Dubois By: Deb Baliko As a parent, I want to teach my children to look beyond themselves and be moved with compassion for children who are suffering from starvation and slavery. This desire brought up the question: am I purposefully and intentionally fighting to end horrific injustice against …

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Love with Action

Tim and I (Rebecca) are in Benin and Liberia this month checking on all our children, staff, partners, and programs. It is always incredible to see the many success stories of so many children and families who are thriving due to these efforts thanks to many of you who give towards this work. You have all heard numerous stories of …

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By Rebecca Pratt, President & Co-Founder The little boy around five years old looked up at me with a blank stare, with no life to his eyes. When talked to, he looked at me with no expression or emotion, and gave no response. He seemed unable to engage in anything that was happening around him.  If you look close, you …

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Imagining a New Life

By Stefan Lako, Programs Director Imagine a world in which you need to choose between starving with your children or selling one of them in order to survive. This is exactly the dilemma facing the majority of families living in rural Benin. According to a recent survey that our field team conducted, 53% of families sell at least one of …


Giving Tuesday

By Stefan Lako, Programs Director Giving Tuesday started 5 years ago as a way to counteract the patterns of consumerism that follow Black Friday and the post-Thanksgiving shopping tilt so many of us experience. The Christmas season for so many people is a time of stress and anxiety, filled with checking off gift lists. For most of us, we don’t …

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Creating Opportunity

By Rebecca Pratt, President and Co-Founder This week I got a phone call from our Anti-Trafficking team in Benin saying that the two girls whom we rescued from slavery in January will be ready to attend school in October. This is an incredible miracle. Evie and Anna who are 10 and 11 years old have spent the last 5 years …

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Creating an Identity

By Rebecca Pratt, President and Co-Founder Claude is a little boy who we recently prevented from being sold as a slave in rural Benin, West Africa.  Upon rescuing Claude and attempting to get him enrolled into school and on our feeding program, we realized he had no birth certificate. This is a necessary piece of paperwork for a child to …

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Financial Accountability

What does it mean to utilize every dollar and remain financially transparent? Our Office Administrator shares her thoughts in this video about Financial Accountability.

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A Mother’s Heart

By Rebecca Pratt, President and Co-Founder As Mother’s Day is approaching I am reflecting on the many conversations I have had with mother’s recently in Benin, West Africa. Conversations I never imagined I would be having in the course of my lifetime. Mother’s who have sold their children into slavery, mother’s who are contemplating selling a child, and mother’s who are …