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Programmatic activity has continued to thrive in Benin through the numerous anti-trafficking projects defined as: Intervention, Rescue, Restoration, and Empowerment, which continue to grow to over 540 direct beneficiaries.

In Liberia, Orphan Relief and Rescue launched Break the Silence Pilot Program, provided relief care for the remaining orphanages in the program, education assistance and mentoring for children in partner orphanages, healthcare, and safe shelter for children through our transition safe home, and scholarships for university students.

At Orphan Relief and Rescue, we work to overcome injustice in the areas of abuse, neglect, and child-trafficking in the most underserved populations in Liberia and Benin, West Africa.

Our Team

Having a country representative improved efficiency, professionalism, programmatic reach, and quality of effectiveness in significant ways.

  This is a big reason why ORR managed to hit and surpass all projected targets while remaining under budget.

Our Work

Orphan Relief and Rescue collaborates with local leaders to identify children at high risk of being trafficked and engage intentionally to prevent those children from being sold. The Intervention Project aims to removed barriers that guardians face in keeping their children home. Through providing food and the ability to pursue education, guardians have little motivation to sell their children. 

Orphan Relief and Rescue works diligently to identify and bring back children who have been sold into a life of slavery. When possible these children are placed with their families and are re-enrolled in school and placed in our Intervention Project. If this is not possible for the child’s safety, then the child is placed in foster care or Orphan Relief and Rescue’s Safe Home. If the child is unable to attend school, because of their age or situation, they are placed in an apprenticeship program.

Many of the children who have been rescued from slavery are too old to return or begin school, in which case they are placed in an apprenticeship program.

Orphan Relief and Rescue runs a sewing apprenticeship, which 13 girls attend daily and are provided 2 meals a day.

Orphan Relief and Rescue directly addresses the issues of poverty, providing community member with the opportunity to improve their situation through provision of micro-loans, basic business training, and introduction to the savings and loans program. These small loans do provide enough to sustain the necessities of life and allow parents to provide for their children and not sell them into slavery.

In partnership with the Liberian government and NGO’s, Break the Silence was launched this year in order to provide education, awareness, and practical assistance to combat sexual abuse and trafficking in Liberia through the following approach:

  1. The Flipchart and Awareness: uses a child friendly tool, a Flipchart, that raises awareness of a child’s personal rights, as well as connect them to the resource of an abuse hotline number should they find themselves vulnerable to trafficking and/or exploitation. Actual number of children reached is 2,589.
  2. Training Workshops: inform and improve the skills of caregivers and/or those working with vulnerable children. ORR has conducted 4 workshops and trained 63 people.
  3. Assistance Hotline: Funded by ORR, it is the only government-run anti-trafficking hotline in the nation and provides abused victims with an outlet to get help from trained social workers and government officials.

Orphan Relief and Rescue is apart of the following Committee Partnerships, which are critical in assisting the Liberian Government in their efforts:

  • Independent Accreditation Committee was set up by the Deputy Minister of Gender and Social Welfare whose aim is to establish protocols and best practices for the accreditation process for all institutions that house children in Liberia.
  • The Child Protection Network is comprised of both government employees, agency employees, and NGO’s committed to program and policy for the protection of children.
  • Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Taskforce is chaired by the Minister of Labor and meets ion a monthly basis to discuss best practices and establish a national pathway to tackle the problem of trafficking in Liberia.

The Greater Opportunity Program aims to equip children to succeed in all they do as they age out of the orphanage.

In the program, 30 Jr. High and High School students with tuition for education, school uniforms, supplies, and healthcare.

7 University students receive housing expenses, food, school supplies (including laptops and cell phones), tuition, testing fees, and healthcare.

The program also mentors 150 students at current and past partner orphanages that focuses on the child’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

The 2017/2018-year saw Orphan Relief and Rescue grow and expand in new and amazing ways.

Our work is made possible through partnerships and your support. Thank you for making positive change possible!

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