By Debbie Dezutter, Liberia Field Team Coordinator

A Joyful Noise Brass BandLife is getting even more musical at one of our orphanage homes in Liberia! The children at this orphanage in particular have always loved singing and dancing, they have both a choir and cultural dance troop that perform often! Not only do they love the musical arts but they are also very talented – having received multiple invitations to perform at the United States Embassy in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. In addition to the usual song and dance, over the last few months there is a new kind of music coming from inside their fence— trumpets!

A local organization called Brass for Africa has partnered with us to teach the children how to play brass musical instruments like trumpets.

The lessons include how to read music, play, and how to care for and maintain the instruments. They started learning just a few months ago and already have made great progress. Each week before their bandleader arrives the children set out their instruments to carefully clean and prepare them for practice. I am privileged to listen to them learn and play their music with such pride.

Through their brass band they are also spreading joy throughout the community. It is our hope that they will continue to spread this love of music by starting a music-based program within the community school that runs out of the orphanage property. In addition to the valuable skill of playing an instrument, children are also learning the responsibility of caring for their belongings.

These children truly are making a joyful noise; we wish you could hear it for yourselves!

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