I want to introduce you to our new staff member in Liberia, Steve Pasinski. Steve is leading our amazing Liberian team of nationals and we are super excited to have him work with us, as his huge heart for the Liberian people is evident to everyone he comes into contact with. Steve  makes everyone around him feel cared for, accepted and loved. It has been fun watching him in action this week. ~ Rebecca Pratt

This is what he wrote sharing a bit about himself:

“I am super excited and happy to be working with ORR. I have been working here in Liberia for almost three years now and absolutely love being here. Ever since I was a high schooler I knew I wanted to work in development. When I was in high school at St. John’s Prep we went for spring break down to Haiti for a mission trip through our campus ministry. I remember being there so vividly, seeing how drastically different the lives of others were and I just remember wanting to help in some way. After college, I joined the Peace Corps and worked as a teacher here in Liberia in Grand Cape Mount County. My two years were the most memorable of my life. The incredible warmth of a community that completely embraced me as an outsider was something I will never forget. I loved my time in Peace Corps so much that I decided to extend for a third year here in Liberia. During my third year I was working on coordinating ORR’s Break The Silence program with Peace Corps. I moved into the ORR Team house to work on the project and felt that same sense of community with the staff here that I had in Cape Mount. So when I was offered the chance to work full-time for ORR it was a no brainer. I am very grateful to have this opportunity, to live and work here in this wonderful country that I am proud to call home.” ~ Steve P.

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