With springtime comes visible evidence of new life all around us. As the buds of flowers begin to burst open, the colors that show forth in every plant is a reminder that beauty comes with new life.

Seeing our children and families thriving on our programs in both Liberia and Benin is also evidence that new life is taking place in every sphere of our work as well, thanks to the many of you who give towards these life-saving efforts.

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Watching our older children who have aged out of the orphanages thrive and blossom in their University and Apprenticeship programs could not make us more proud.  Each of them have come from incredible hardship and pain from their past. Seeing them now have such a heart to help others who are suffering in their communities shows us why, not just the rescue part of what we do is important, but the follow through with education and mentorship of these children is also incredibly important. Through our Greater Opportunity scholarship and mentorship program, we are seeing children’s lives transform before our eyes.

The picture above shows six of our seven University students in Liberia. From left to right: Sackie is in his 3rd year of law school; he is studying to be a lawyer, to fight for justice for those who are in poverty and who are treated unjustly due to their circumstances.  Jogma is in her 3rd year of nursing school.  Teddy is in her 3rd  year of study to be an accountant.  Janet is in her 2nd year of nursing; she then wants to pursue becoming a medical doctor.  Eugene is in his 3rd year, also studying to be an accountant.  Trokon is in his first year of studies.  He is pursuing a degree in social work.  We are so happy they want to use their lives and careers to “pay it forward”.

If any of you would like to sponsor a child through Greater Opportunity, visit the education page.

In this season where we look at the bursting beauty all around in nature, let us also reflect and celebrate the new life happening in our personal lives and different spheres we have influence in.  May we always be reminded that a simple act, or word of kindness to those around us never falls to the ground void; it brings beauty and gives new life to both the receiver and the giver.

For Tim and I (Rebecca), we are celebrating a physical new life in the birth of our 4th granddaughter, Ava Joy, April 5th.  Seeing the innocence and vulnerability of this little one reminds me of why I fight so hard for those who do not have loving parents to care for them.  Our little granddaughters have so much love in their lives and that is what we want for every child we have the power to protect that are living in abusive situations.

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Thank you!

To our great excitement, after sending out an urgent plea in March to help us get a new, much needed vehicle in Liberia, several of you immediately responded with generosity and we were able to meet our goal.  We look forward to purchasing this vehicle by the end of April, which will allow us to keep delivering much needed supplies, mentoring and monitoring our children on our programs, and attend our government meetings on a regular basis.  Thank you so much!

We so value the part you are playing in these redemption stories unfolding every day due to your sacrifice to give towards these efforts.


Tim and Rebecca Pratt – Co Founders

and the ORR Staff

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