By Rebecca Pratt, President and Co-Founder

This week I got a phone call from our Anti-Trafficking team in Benin saying that the two girls whom we rescued from slavery in January will be ready to attend school in October. This is an incredible miracle. Evie and Anna who are 10 and 11 years old have spent the last 5 years in slavery, and have never gone to school before. They could not even write their name when we rescued them. After six months of intensive tutoring, emotional and physical care in one of our safe homes, and introducing them to a God of love, they are emotionally stable and up to their age-appropriate grade level academically. They can now achieve their dream to attend school like every other child their age. Our team was asking us to please send the funds for tuition and uniforms so they can prepare the girls for enrollment, along with the other 250 children who have been rescued over the last two years.

As I looked at our bank account online, I shared with them that we do not have the money to prepare these children for school YET, but we are praying it will all come in by mid August so we can accomplish this task.

August has become our greatest faith month of the year at Orphan Relief and Rescue. As the new school year approaches, the children who have been rescued from unbelievable circumstances prepare for the new school year. In Liberia school begins in September, and in Benin it begins in October. Out of the $20,000 needed for both Liberia and Benin school enrollments and supplies, we have $5,000 committed to this need so far.

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We are so proud of the kids Orphan Relief and Rescue has had the opportunity to help, who in turn, are helping themselves by working hard in their personal lives and in their studies to change the cycle of abuse and poverty.

Our hearts are full watching the children on our programs grow up in a healthy manner. Through the Greater Opportunity Education and Mentorship program we are preparing children to live outside the walls of their orphanages successfully. Through our University scholarship program, older children are studying to be nurses, doctors, accountants, lawyers, and social workers. Education has become serious business, and we are ensuring that every child on our program is given a chance to receive the best education possible.

Interested in helping us reach our goal of $20,000?

Your donation will directly provide education and opportunity for the children we serve. Give today to help us meet the current educational need, or  sponsor a specific child’s education today! We also have a Summer Challenge for Children campaign going on right now, that if you have not gotten your kids on board with, they can still jump in to help! Your kids collecting change to help children go to school in Africa is a great way to connect your kids into helping others in need around the world.

Thank you for the daily miracles you are partnering with us to achieve!


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