Captivated by her bright smile, I asked Emma,
“Why do you love living in your new big home?”

“Because no one beats me and because I have plenty of food to eat everyday,” she replied.

“Emma, can you tell me how your life was in the village and who beat you?” I asked, knowing the woman and man she lived with in the village were unaffectionate caretakers.

“Everyday the woman would beat me over and over again for no reason. When the man would leave for the day to work in the fields, he would lock me in a room all day with no food. I was always hungry,” she said. “Now that I am here in this new home. I am happy because no one can hurt her anymore.”

I reached my arms out to Emma and asked if I could hug her.

“Oh yes!” she said and immediately came close so I could embrace her in a big hug.

“Emma, I am so sorry you were beat and not fed well by those who were supposed to protect and care for you,” I told her. I continued to share how much God loves her, how much we love her, and how we will always work hard to make sure she is safe.

“Thank you,” she said with her beautiful bright smile, then, went on her way to play with the other kids.