Liberia — For the last 10 years, Orphan Relief and Rescue has worked very closely with the Liberian Government to protect as many children as possible from incredible abuse and neglect. We have empowered the Ministry of Children and Social Protection office within the government on many levels to help them in their efforts. Due to our relationship with them, we have acquired considerable favor and trust over the years. This is something we at Orphan Relief and Rescue do not take lightly.

For the last seven years we have sat on the Child Protection committee within the government, which helps make decisions for the protection of children on many different levels.  Through this relationship we have been asked by the Deputy Minister of Children and Social Protection to be a resource for the public for those who want to adopt a child and need information as to how to do it. We are putting this information on our ORR website to help you.

Orphan Relief and Rescue does not adopt children out of Liberia or Benin, nor are we affiliated with any adoption agency.  We are simply a resource for prospective adoptive parents with information.

In 2015 the moratorium on adoptions was lifted. The whole adoption process was revamped and the new rules to adopt are in the New Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) documents.

Download the following two SOP procedures: Standard Operating Procedure and Regulation on Adoption of Children in Liberia

Anyone who wants to adopt a child out of Liberia and lives in the USA or Europe must go through a Hague Approved* USA or European based adoption agency, that also has an accredited office and transition center in Liberia. The only exception to this rule is if a prospective adoptive parent has a blood relationship to the prospective adoptive child. In this case, and only in this case, the prospective parent can use a Hague approved USA/European agency to do the legalities on the Western side and can use a lawyer to do the Liberian side of the paperwork. This is called a Kinship adoption. Every document will still have to be approved by the Deputy Minister of Children and Social Protection before an adoption is approved, as you will read in the Standard Operating Procedures document.

A caution for Kinship adoptions: For those who are a blood relative wanting to use a Liberian lawyer for the Liberia side. Many lawyers do not understand this adoption process, and tend to get stuck when they have to file for a visa to get the child to the USA or Europe.

It is extremely important that you find a lawyer that is experienced in this process and knows all the I-600 visa requirements and how to walk through that process. Otherwise it will end up costing you a lot of time and money that you did not count on. Using a Hague approved international adoption agency accredited in Liberia is still the best way to adopt internationally even in a Kinship situation to make sure it is done correctly.

Currently there are five International adoption agency that we can recommend for you to contact if you have a child you want to adopt.

Across the World Adoptions

REAP/Bethany Adoption Services

Life Adoptions

New Horizons

Small World Adoptions


*Hague Accreditation or Hague Approval signifies that an agency meets and is in compliance with the standards founded in the Convention, the Intercountry Adoption Act, and the Universal Accreditation Act.  Council on Accreditation (2017, April) 

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  1. I live in Canada, and want to adopt a Liberian orphan, Age 16, and her baby, born April 5,18. Liberia/ Canadian adoptions have been closed since 2008. Do you know of any way to get through this?

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