Over the last few months we have been able to be a part of an incredible miracle story that has been unfolding before our eyes. A little four-year-old boy, who we met in August. His story was a tragic one of abuse and severe neglect. He could not walk due to a negligent surgery from an infection that should have been an easy procedure. His parents had clearly discarded him, and he was crawling in the dirt with flies buzzing around his little head which was full of open sores.

With the help of God, the social welfare office, great foster parents, a successful corrective surgery on December 23rd, and the many of you who partner with us, this little boy is experiencing the miracle of a whole new life. There is no greater reward than watching a child close to death, come to life because of what we all have helped facilitate. I am at a loss for adequate words to explain the beauty of it all.

Other miracles unfolding before our eyes are the children who came to us looking for food to survive, and a safe place to lay their head down at night, now thriving. With each passing year we are seeing these same children become young adults, graduating from high school and now apprenticeship and University studies. Our hearts are full as we watch each grown child come into their own healthy lives.

Two weeks ago while in Benin, it was fun to see three of our young men return to the orphanage safe home as hired professionals to use their skills to put up a new gutter system, as well as repair the electrical solar system in the very orphanage where they grew up. All three boys were away for the last three years to learn the trades of plumbing and electrical. While two of them worked to put up the gutters and build the trenches, the electrician was working on the solar electrical system.

They no longer live in the orphanage, but frequently come back to help with repairs, and to visit their brothers and sisters. They worked with a sense of pride as the other children in the home looked on with great interest. They also enjoyed me flashing a few pictures of them while they worked.

We have numerous professionals emerging in both Liberia and Benin from our programs. From nurses, lawyers, accountants, social workers, electricians, plumbers and a few aspiring doctors, these kids can be the catalysts to help change their country that needs good men and women to rise up and show what honesty and health in the work force looks like.

It is great to watch these blossoming young professionals who once had a very difficult life, take action to help their own.

Our anti-trafficking efforts and micro loan program in Benin and our Break the Silence program in Liberia continues to expand to help more needy children and families. It is always very sobering to see the hundreds of kids and parents who have a whole new life due to these incredible efforts.

Thank you for being a part of these incredible miracle stories in various shapes and sizes.

With blessings and thanks,

Tim and Rebecca Pratt – Co Founders
And the ORR Staff

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