The U.S. State Department 2017 Human Rights Report states that child abuse and
sexual violence towards children is persistent and widespread in Liberia.
This is one of the devastating legacies of the civil war.

Awareness, Education, and Prevention

Orphan Relief and Rescue and our implementation partners work diligently to educate children to understand the dangers of trafficking and sexual abuse, and to know what the signs are, how these can be avoided, and how to get help. This is done through the use of a flipchart designed for children that teaches four key messages:

  • I am valuable and so are you
  • Safety is my right
  • My body belongs to me
  • I can get help

Children are taught potential approaches and manipulation that perpetrators use and how they can best stay safe. They are also given resources to get help if they, or a friend, are a victim of abuse.

With our community partner organizations, we will be reaching thousands of children through this portion of the program.

Our goal is to break the silence surrounding physical and sexual abuse and trafficking by creating informed and empowered children.


Orphan Relief and Rescue now funds and supports the Liberian Government’s National Anti-Trafficking and Sexual Abuse Prevention Hotline in partnership with World Hope International. The Hotline is a strategic element of the National Pathway to Combat Trafficking and is mentioned in the 2017 U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report.

The Hotline is free to call to report suspected or known cases of human trafficking, sexual abuse or assault, or physical abuse. Calling the hotline connects a person to an advocate who can refer the case to the appropriate authorities and, when appropriate, connect the person to a social worker for follow-up.


  • Love146
  • World Hope International
  • Orphans Concern
  • Liberian Ministry of Labour