Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.
– Nelson Mandela


Orphan Relief and Rescue connects you to a child in need through Child Sponsorship.

Our Child Sponsorship program operates in Benin, where we actively partner with Orphanage Directors to provide safe and loving environments where children can thrive.

Many children who are orphaned are forced to live and work as domestic servants in someone’s home, or survive alone on the street.

Through our Orphanage Safe Home, we create safe environments to ensure the children in our care receive mental, emotional, and spiritual support. Children are provided educational or vocational training in the local schools. In the home we share about Jesus; who created them, loves them, and values their life.

Our goal is to offer hope, life and opportunity for children that were once hopeless.

By sponsoring a child, you become a part of their journey. Children feel loved and that they matter because of the support and prayers of their international sponsors.
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We developed the Greater Opportunity Program because we remain committed to seeing children through the transition from orphanage life to one independent from the home. Orphan Relief and Rescue wants to be a source of support for these children as they navigate the world and become agents of change in their own communities.

Many children within institutions are not taught the life skills needed to be fully prepared for life beyond the walls of the orphanage. Greater Opportunity provides Jr. High, High School and University students with tuition for education, a school uniform, supplies, and comprehensive mentorship that focus on the child’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. University students in the program receive the above-mentioned assistance as well as housing, food stipend, and transport costs. Mentorship takes place on a weekly basis where local staff interact with the children in various ways, either through group lectures, discussions, or one-on-one sessions.  The topics taught through this program include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Finance
  • Accountability
  • Team Work
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Human Rights
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Health
  • Faith: God’s love, design and purpose for their life

Our goal is to empower children who live, or have lived in orphanages, to see their full potential through providing education and mentorship.

Are you interested in sponsoring a child’s education?

Provide opportunity for a child in Junior High or High School, or a young adult in University for $35 per month.

Cover the costs for Tuition, Housing, and Books for a University Student in pursuing higher education for $265 per month.

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