By Rebecca Pratt, President and Co-Founder

As Mother’s Day is approaching I am reflecting on the many conversations I have had with mother’s recently in Benin, West Africa. Conversations I never imagined I would be having in the course of my lifetime. Mother’s who have sold their children into slavery, mother’s who are contemplating selling a child, and mother’s who are being forced by their husbands to abandon and give up a child because that one extra mouth to feed is too much of a burden. When face to face with these ladies, all I am able to do is to ask God to give our team and I wisdom on what to say and what to do. Our goal is to be able to impart God’s heart into each situation.

With an incredible team here in the United States and in West Africa, as well as people such as you giving to this work, beautiful redemption stories have unfolded literally before our eyes.

There is no greater call on a person’s life than to be a nurturer and protector of children. Whether it’s our biological children if we have them, or other children whom God has put into our path. All people are blessed with the ability to be an example of love for children.

Even if you are not a mother you can make a difference in the life of a child, and giving to Orphan Relief and Rescue is one way you can have a direct impact.

Be a part of supporting mother’s in Benin, and children in need. Donate in honor of the special mother in your life today.

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