By Genae Lako, Donor Relations and Communications

#EndItMovement Red XYesterday some of you may have noticed the red X plastered across your Facebook and Twitter news feed with a #EnditMovement hash tag.
Or perhaps some of you may have sported your own X for the day. Vibrantly painted on the back of your hand, the X was a symbol that represented your voice in the fight against injustice. Created by the End it Movement, February 25th is Shine a Light on Slavery day, dedicated to exposing and addressing the issue of human trafficking and modern day slavery that affects millions of people around the globe.

This morning I woke up and couldn’t help but notice the red X on my left hand. Yesterday it was drawn on bright and crisp with a red permanent marker, reminding me of the men, women, and children who are the victims of exploitation. It symbolized how I wanted to use my voice to bring awareness and to engage others on the issue. When I look down at it presently, now faded and smudged from the activities of the previous day, I can’t help but think that the symbol is actually more meaningful today.

Today that X is a reminder that we must not be silent every other day of the year.

That faded symbol is a reminder that the fight against human trafficking is not glamorous and it is not easy. Sometimes you feel worn out, you feel faded by the fight. But it’s also a reminder that every time you use your voice, you act, or engage in the issue that you bring a little more light to the darkness. Today that faded symbol reminds me that I won’t give up the fight. 

So my challenge to us all today is this: how are we using our voice today? How are we fighting the trafficking of men, women, and children the other 364 days of the year?

Join me in intentionally engaging on the issue, and shining a light into the darkness of modern day slavery today, and every day. Collectively, we make a difference.

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