Tim and I (Rebecca) are in Benin and Liberia this month checking on all our children, staff, partners, and programs. It is always incredible to see the many success stories of so many children and families who are thriving due to these efforts thanks to many of you who give towards this work.

You have all heard numerous stories of the children we have been able to rescue from abusive situations, but the 175+ women who are now thriving due to our micro finance program has been equally sobering.

micro fin house

One of these success stories is a woman named Jeanne. She had no job and struggled to feed her children when she first came to the micro finance meetings. She is married to a man who, she says, is very old and frail and cannot provide for her and their four children. Because of this program she now has three thriving businesses. She makes straw floor mats, sells Akasa (a local food), and makes cheese from soybeans to sell.  She just recently was able to build a new village home that she is very proud of (see photo). We are quite impressed with her work ethic, and we are celebrating her new success and thriving businesses.

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this month and those whom we love, we want to share with you what we have learned over the years regarding the different aspects of love.

Happy valentines hands picture 1

When a child is hungry and their stomach is hurting because of having nothing to eat, providing a bowl of food, speaks love.

When a parent has no work and cannot feed their children, providing a micro loan for the family to start a business that will change their life, speaks love.

When a child has nightmares because of the repeated abuse they have endured over countless years, listening to their life story and helping them walk through healing, speaks love.

When people such as yourself sacrifice your finances to give towards helping suffering and abused children, this speaks love.

Selfless actions driven by compassion, empathy and mercy that compels us to be  peaceful action takers for those who are hurting in the world is what we have learned genuine love is all about.

May this month be a time where we all look for creative ways to show extra love to those around us.

Thank you for partnering with us in this life changing work. You are making an incredible difference.

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