Remarkable Stories Continue

During the current pandemic, we are still seeing children get help through the anti-trafficking hotline in Liberia (which ORR funds). Two sexual assault cases were recently reported and resulted in one arrest. We also learned that this hotline is being used to report suspected Coronavirus cases – making our hotline a conduit to communicate COVID-19 cases to the Ministry of Health. 

How You Can Help

Even during this critical time, Orphan Relief and Rescue is in partnership with the Liberian government to bring justice to children of sexual and physical abuse. It costs $3,300 a month to fund the anti-trafficking and abuse hotline and our Break the Silence Program. If you are not already giving toward these efforts, would you consider helping us fund this program? You can give by clicking on the “Donate Now” button. We are so thankful for your help!


Rebecca Pratt, President