All of us at Orphan Relief and Rescue want to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year in 2020. With your help, we carry out our mission seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year. 

The heart of our mission is to help the children we serve to survive and thrive, such as Léocadie. Léocadie never imagined that her circumstances could ever change… she never imagined her dreams could come true.

At the age of 14, Léocadie was brought to Orphan Relief and Rescue’s Orphanage Safe Home due to some very distressing circumstances. She overcame many obstacles in order to attend school. Only knowing her tribal language, she had to learn French (the national language of Benin). Then she had to catch up on many grade levels because she was behind, but she loved school and began to study very hard.   

In her own words, “When I went to the Safe Home I developed the habit to study.  It was hard. It was tiring. But God gave me the strength to keep going.” 

Before completing high school, Léo applied for a very competitive scholarship to go to University for a degree in the medical field. She remembers the day she was awarded this unimaginable gift of a full-ride scholarship, “The government officials came to my school. When I was given the good news I was so shocked and happy!”  

Now in her third year of university, Léo is studying to be a doctor.  She has four more years to go and will eventually choose her specialty. She lives on campus in an apartment and comes home to the ORR Safe Home on holidays. 

Safe Home Preparation:

Because of what she learned at the ORR Safe Home, she is managing everything where she lives now.  She explains, “ORR puts a lot of emphasis on education, organization, and cleanliness. Most importantly, they taught us about the God who created us. We are taught to respect people, respect your teachers, and respect the people around you. They teach us to be academically wise, and also streetwise.” And then with a sweet smile, she adds, “and also to know how to handle boys.” Even practical life skills such as washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, and managing money, helped her so much now that she is living on her own.“If I didn’t learn these things, who would come and help me?” she says.

Thank you, Sponsors:

Léocadie is especially appreciative of her sponsors and all of those who have helped her.  Léocadie’s life was transformed because YOU chose to partner with us and create opportunities that might otherwise never be imagined. This unimaginable gift was made possible because of your giving.

As we express our appreciation to you, we want you to know that we are utilizing every dollar to the fullest.  With a very limited budget, we are having an incredible impact.

2019 Program Highlights:

In Benin:
  • 327 children intercepted from trafficking and on feeding and school programs
  • 16 teenagers rescued from slavery and placed in apprenticeship programs
  • 500+ caregivers involved in Micro Finance
In Liberia:
  • 8,000+ children received training to know and understand their rights and how to get help from sexual and physical abuse
  • 2,500+ phone calls came into the Anti-Trafficking and Sexual Abuse Prevention hotline
  • 155 caregivers and government officials completed ORR’s anti-abuse training workshop

Out of the thousands being helped through our programs, just like Léocadie, we always want to remember that every child has a name, dream, and destiny.

May you and all those you love, find true happiness and peace this holiday season and into the New Year. 


Rebecca Pratt

President & Co-Founder

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