Solome, an Orphanage Director in Liberia, shares her gratitude to ORR for feeding her children during the COVID-19 pandemic. After being completely reliant on our financial support for 8 years, this orphanage was able to become self-sufficient and went off our feeding program four years ago. With the arrival of the Coronavirus, they were in a desperate place once again – not knowing how they were going to provide for their kids. By partnering with another non-profit, God’s Kids International, along with the support of many of you, we were able to begin dropping off food for them this month.

In Benin, we have worked hard to make sure each child on our feeding program is still able to get food, even though schools have been closed.

 Our cooks are preparing two meals a day for two different villages. The kids bring their plates and wear face masks that our staff provides. Hand washing stations are made available and the children are required to use them before being fed.  Our staff enforces the six-feet, social distancing guideline, which is no easy feat with hundreds of hungry children!

The kids have told our staff that if we did not feed them, they would not eat because they do not have any food at home. These are the same children who we previously intercepted from becoming trafficked by their parents. If not fed, these children are at risk of being trafficked

How You Can Help

During this Coronavirus crisis, it is through your generous support that we were able to keep this feeding program going. It only takes $70 to feed one child for two months.  If you would like to give towards helping us feed these children, you can go to COVID19 Urgent Need Donation Page or visit our website. Together, we can save these precious children from being hungry.


Rebecca Pratt, President