Twelve years ago, when we founded Orphan Relief and Rescue, we had no idea that so many kids would be given a second chance at life due to these efforts. This was a big experiment to simply help as many children as we could, who were in distress and near death. To our amazement, this has blossomed into something more than we ever anticipated! God keeps surprising us around every corner.

In those early years we quickly learned of the importance of quality, relevant education for children in developing countries. Education is the most effective tool in ensuring that the cycle of poverty and abuse does not repeat itself. Kids who first came into our program rarely had dreams for their future. Their whole thought process was directed toward figuring out how to get their next meal to survive. It was interesting to see their dreams for their own future come into existence after they felt safe, protected, and well cared for.  

This time of year it is especially fun to see so many dreams come true, and huge full-circle moments happening all around. Kids are graduating from high school, university, and apprenticeship programs, thanks to the many of you who are faithfully partnering with us. You are making an incredible difference and are truly the agents of change in these stories.

This month we have six high school and two university students graduating. Eugene and Teddy are going to graduate June 12th, both with their accounting degrees.

Also, many of our young adults who have graduated from apprenticeship programs are now working as professionals in a variety of skilled trades, which is very exciting. They are now pharmacy technicians, electricians, plumbers and hotel chefs. One young lady who was on our Greater Opportunity Scholarship program, graduated from nursing school last year in Liberia and is now working at a clinic, and doing regular check-ups for the children at the orphanage where she grew up. It is inspiring to see her giving back to her community.   

Other rising stars currently in university on this same scholarship program are two future doctors, one future nurse, one lawyer and one social worker. Each of these amazing young adults tell us that they are excited to use their skills to give back to help others. They each have a heart to pay it forward.


Jestina, our future nurse says:

“I want to help my fellow Liberian children who do not have much, similar to how I was. I want to be a blessing to them, as I have been blessed!”



Sackie, our future lawyer says:

“I am going to be the best lawyer in the world and am going to be an advocate for women and children.   I am going to fight for the justice of those  who would never have a chance to be treated fairly if I do not help them.”

Like these young people who have so wonderfully grasped the idea of giving to others, we have fun ideas to get your children excited about helping other kids in need too! As part of your family’s summer activities, you can download our “Children Matter” book, and our “Kids Helping Kids” packet, for great summer projects. 

Thank you so much for your support and gifts that have made these success stories possible. There are many more children who are in our care, growing into the fullness of their bright futures. Please remember them and their ongoing need as you celebrate these graduations.

Have an amazing summer!


Tim and Rebecca Pratt, Co-Founders

Orphan Relief and Rescue


Make sure to Save the Date for our 11th Annual Gala fundraiser coming up Oct. 12th. You can get your early bird tickets on our website. Please let us know if you would like to be a corporate sponsor or a table host. 


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