We want to introduce you to one of the Platinum Corporate sponsors of our 8th Annual Seattle Gala this year.

Viet Ly is a local business man who is striving to help not only Orphan Relief and Rescue’s many needy children, but is also working to help bring a cure to cancer.  Viet is a husband and father of three young children, and has an incredibly compassionate heart for others. He is not a person that sits idly by when he sees the suffering around him. He is constantly brainstorming on how to make the world a better place to live in.

Thank you Viet for being a hero among us.


In his own words he shares a little about himself and what he is currently involved in:

My work at Genprex has been my love affair, my magnum opus.  For the past 3 years, I have been helping develop an amazing potential game-changer in lung cancer treatments with a world class team including Dr. Jack Roth and Rodney Varner. We believe that there is a revolution in the cancer industry today and that this will impact the lives of millions of people.  My life has been inspired to fighting this war on cancer since I was fifteen watching my best friend’s mother slowly pass away from ovarian cancer.  Everyone has a cancer story to tell and it is our hope that our generation will write cancer’s last chapter.2016-08-25-13-36-57-2

Viet with Dr. Jack Roth, inventor of Oncoprex & Chairman of Genprex Scientific Board,
and Rodney Varner, CEO of Genprex

When I first researched ORR, I loved reading the stories and Rebecca’s book “Inspired to Action”. I saw that ORR was not just an orphanage but had developed well thought out programs in order to facilitate long enduring, prosperous lives for these kids in the program.  I believed in their Blueprint and I believed in their Soul.

I wanted to help in anyway I could and started by donating my time, money, and energy to boosting ORR’s Facebook ad campaigns to help with awareness of their mission. I am excited about the future of ORR and I believe the best things are yet to come.  I am a corporate sponsor because Orphan Relief and Rescue gives me life.

From all of us at Orphan Relief and Rescue, thank you Viet for your support, and for being dedicated to making the world a better place.

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