As many of you know, Orphan Relief and Rescue’s program’s over the past 7 years have grown and changed tremendously in Liberia. Throughout that time, our two in country vehicles have been used extensively to provide transportation for our staff to manage and implement our Child Development Programs. The constant use on rough terrain has slowly worn down these trucks to the point that they are no longer a viable or reliable option.

We are asking for your help today in order to replace these vehicles.


Our plan is to replace these two expiring trucks with a single, higher capacity vehicle that can be multi-functional for all of our programatic needs in country. These include practical support such as food or supply deliveries, staff transportation for child development needs and mentorship meetings, government task force meetings, and launching our new program, Break the Silence, which will protect vulnerable children from physical and sexual abuse.


The total cost of replacement is $30,000. With the sale of our current vehicles and previous donations, we are almost there! We need your help today to raise the remaining balance of $9,000.


ORR Co-Founders Tim and Rebecca Pratt are traveling to Liberia in April and will need to purchase this vehicle while they are there. Without a reliable method of transportation, our programs cannot continue to operate – will you consider a gift today to help us meet this urgent need?

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